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Politics Round-Up August 19 2013 Edition

Cracked reminds us that the world isn’t all that bad, compared to that horrible place called the past. Paul Waldman of the American Prospect considers the issue of morally compromised art, and the impact on the upcoming Ender’s Game adaptation, … Continue reading

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Politics Round-Up August 11 2013 Edition

There seems to be an opening in the 2016 Republican presidential primary for the Santorum slot, the candidate of social conservatives who flocked to Santorum in 2012, Huckabee in 2008 and George W Bush in 2000. Rebecca Cusey of Patheos … Continue reading

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Round-Up July 15 2013 Edition

Hugh Jackman wants Wolverine to join the cinematic Avengers. For a 40th Anniversary celebration of Red Sonja, Gail Simone. The 2013 Harvey Award nominations were announced. Hawkeye and Saga lead. I should check out Revival, considering how unfamiliar I am with … Continue reading

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End of June Round-Up

Baldwin A reporter accused Alec Baldwin’s wife of tweeting at James Gandolfini’s funeral. Baldwin’s response is arguably homophobic. Andrew Sullivan is upset about it. I’m conflicted. Even the Mail says the reporter was wrong, so Baldwin has a right to … Continue reading

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Religious Arguments

Recently, I came up with a satisfactory explanation of my religious beliefs. I would classify myself as a culturally atheistic Lutheran. In contrast to atheists who identify with their religious upbringing, I believe in God but I’m worried about those … Continue reading

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