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What comes after Superior Spider-Man?

Whenever a major comic book character is killed off, it is not uncommon for there to be several escape doors. In some cases, the writer leaves those for their successors. In other cases, the writer plans to use it himself. … Continue reading

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Where Are The great Spider-Man Stories?

As a Spider-Man fan, I was envious of Superman fans due to the quality of the best comic book story of the last decade. That led me to ponder the best Spider-Man stories, especially when considering the wisdom of recent … Continue reading

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Why Good Writers Aren’t Enough

Many fans viewed any fix of the Spider‑Man books circa 2006 as unnecessary, arguing that the only thing the book requires is a good writer, who can make any status quo compelling. In this case, if a decade of Peter … Continue reading

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Two points about Amazing Spider-Man #698

There are two interesting things about the plotting for Amazing Spider-Man #698. I’m trying to keep it spoiler-free, although any analysis of the craft is bound to suggest details about the narrative. The entire issue builds to a twist which … Continue reading

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Dan Slott’s favorite issue of John Byrne’s Fantastic Four

This entry will include spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #698. It marks the second time that Dan Slott has used the structure of a legendary issue of John Byrne’s Fantastic Four as the basis of the latest chapter of his Amazing Spider-Man run. … Continue reading

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