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Amazing Fantasy: A Pitch

This would be a finite series lasting several years retelling Spider-Man’s story in a closed setting, outside the Marvel Universe, the Ultimate Universe or any other existing fictional world. It’s vaguely inspired by Naoki Urasawa’s manga Pluto, which spent eight … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 101: Introduction to the Wall-Crawler

The first strategy is to recommend a stretch of issues, perhaps a complete creative run. There may be some questions about the backstory, but it will be much easier to follow transitions issue by issue, rather than trying to figure out … Continue reading

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The Superior Spider-Man Era

I don’t believe that the Superior Spider-Man status quo will be permanent, any more than the Spider-Man Unmasked period was permanent. But it’s certainly promising in the short term. The hook of having a victorious vllain trying to actually replace … Continue reading

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The Conceptual Engine

In a defense of One More Day, Joe Quesada described what’s in the core of any successful series. At the heart of every great character and character universe, there are certain metaphors, iconography and trappings that play a significant part in … Continue reading

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Spider-Man Forever

The original title for this series of essays was “Spider-Man Forever.” That was before Marvel announced X-Men Forever, a series in which writer Chris Claremont wrote the franchise as if he had never left the book in the early 1990s. At CBR, … Continue reading

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