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What Marvel’s Missing

  With C.B. Cebulski replacing Alex Alonso as the new Marvel Editor-in-Chief, it’s worth looking at the steps the company can take to regain their mojo. Some of Marvel’s franchises aren’t doing too well (The Avengers and X-Men, the books … Continue reading

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Possible Monthly Spider-Man Titles Circa 2013

Earlier, I listed possible Spider-Man monthly titles that I had come up with in 2006.┬áSeven years later, the list would be slightly different. While I do prefer alternative schedules with an increased production of the main title, there is an … Continue reading

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Why Should There Be A “Real” Spider-Man?

Previous entries were predicated on the assumption that there should be a central Marvel Universe, even if there were going to be some titles on the outside. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If the traditional Marvel Universe … Continue reading

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