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The Northam/ Fairfax Mess

Democratic politics in Virginia is a train wreck right now. It’s only been going on for a few days, starting when Governor Ralph Northam made comments about a proposed bill to expand the legality of late-term abortion that seemed to … Continue reading

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The Firing of Kevin Williamson

The Atlantic made a really bad decision recently in firing Kevin Williamson for expressing a controversial opinion on abortion, weeks after hiring him because he is able to articulate controversial opinions. Some of the people pushing for his removal predicted … Continue reading

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Political Beliefs

I wrote this elsewhere, but I’m rather proud of it. I suppose it’s a companion to the one on religion. The following are some of my political beliefs. On fiscal issues, I think the government should spend money efficiently, in … Continue reading

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Politics Round-Up August 11 2013 Edition

There seems to be an opening in the 2016 Republican presidential primary for the Santorum slot, the candidate of social conservatives who flocked to Santorum in 2012, Huckabee in 2008 and George W Bush in 2000. Rebecca Cusey of Patheos … Continue reading

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August 3 2013 Politics Round-Up

According to the Freakonomics guys,¬†fathers of daughters are more likely to get divorced. MORETTI: There are three main channels. First of all, women who have daughters are more likely to have never been married than women who have boys. Second, … Continue reading

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Politics Round-up July 25 2013

In a post about Ted Cruz, Jonathan Bernstein defends George McGovern who lost 49 states against Richard Nixon in 1972. Beyond that, it’s not clear that reputation for ideological extremism was McGovern’s main problem that year. The Democrats really were … Continue reading

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Politics Round-Up July 11 2013

A Red 2 ad incorporates President Obama’s recent national security speech. The mayor of San Diego admits that he sexually harassed women, and swears to change. Charles Krauthammer defends the obstructionist GOP. A congressional staffer suspects that Republicans would benefit … Continue reading

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Recommended June 17 2013

A video review of a 90s video games gets kinda nuts.   Biden may get to cast a significant tie-breaking vote. The Washington Post makes it easier to follow the 224 best political reporters in the nation.¬† Tara Culp-Ressler of … Continue reading

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