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Movies Watched in 2018 Part 1

I’m trying again this year to keep track of the movies I watch with the annual goal of ten movies per decade (counting the silent era up until 1929 as one full decade. Since I might’ve overlooked films from the early … Continue reading

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Round-Up August 19 2013 Edition

The Sunday Herald of Glasgow has a list of the Top 50 Graphic Novels of all time. Tom Spurgeon thinks it’s not bad. If your first 50 encounters with the art form were these 50 choices, you’d likely be vastly entertained … Continue reading

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What to Watch: West Wing

Earlier, I mentioned West Wing as a show that had survived the departure of a popular showrunner. It’s one of my favorite television programs ever, and available on netflix, although a few episodes aren’t worth watching. On President’s Day, it seems … Continue reading

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Community and the showrunner problem

Yesterday was the first episode of Community after showrunner Dan Harmon got fired. It was okay, although I’m slightly worried about what’s coming next. It’s difficult to appreciate the episode on its own merits, when you’re aware of all the … Continue reading

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