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The implications of Obama’s Victory

President Obama won reelection, and many pundits and opinion writers are trying to argue about the significance of this. But it’s probably too early to tell. The 2012 Presidential election can fit three historic narratives. We won’t know for some time … Continue reading

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Newspaper Endorsements

The New York Times has an outdated policy when it comes to endorsements. The various opinion writers are not allowed to explicitly endorse any candidate for office, although it’s pretty clear that Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd and Charles Blow favor … Continue reading

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How Experienced are Potential Presidents?

The last few Presidents, in terms of their resumes when they were elected to office, have been among the least qualified to hold the office. Bill Clinton is the only small-state Governor to ever become President. While George W Bush … Continue reading

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Four years ago, many Republicans argued that Barack Obama, as a fourth-year Senator, was not qualified to be President. Now Democrats are making similar claims about Mitt Romney, who was elected to his one term in elected office a decade … Continue reading

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Women and Tall Hall Debates

Tonight’s presidential debate will be in a town hall format, moderated by CNN’s Candy Crowley. Mark Halperin described for Time how Crowley made both President Obama and Governor Romney nervous. In a rare example of political unity, both the Romney and … Continue reading

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So, the Romney- Obama debate

The consensus is that Romney did rather well at his first presidential debate against Obama. For the last few days, I haven’t heard any Republicans complaining about how it would have been better had they just nominated anyone else. There … Continue reading

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The Upcoming Obama-Romney debates

In a cover story for The Atlantic, James Fallows looked forward to the Romney-Obama debates. He noted the President’s disadvantages. As a campaigner and orator, Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan. But the great danger for Obama is a set of … Continue reading

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FDR’s Obstructionism

Yesterday, I compared Mitt Romney’s vague campaign to FDR’s 1932 presidential bid. Roosevelt’s campaign and pre-presidency also tie into another contemporary controversy. Right now, there are arguments that Republicans are intentionally sabotaging President Obama’s agenda to hurt the economy, and increase … Continue reading

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FDR’s 100 Days and Obama VS Romney

There have been a few comparisons between Mitt Romney and Herbert Hoover, due to slight similarities in stated economic policies and business background. But it seems to me that there’s a lot that Romney has in common with Hoover’s successor … Continue reading

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Towards Better Political Advertising

Today, the campaigns of President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney are back to negative advertising after a one-day hiatus on the anniversary of September 11. Cynics would say that it takes a horrible tragedy to get politicians to act like … Continue reading

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