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Did President Trump Say Finland and Russia Have Gotten Along For 100 Years? Nope.

Yesterday, there was a comment on twitter on something stupid President Trump allegedly said about Russia and Finland. James Oliphant, a White House correspondent for Reuters, posted the following. Trump said Russia and Finland have gotten along for “a hundred … Continue reading

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Why Stories Favor The Last Man Standing

Part of the writer’s responsibility is to know how he’s portraying the world. This is complicated by the fact that there are a few things common to the storytelling that are ultimately going to result in an inaccurate version of … Continue reading

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Reflections on Multiculturalism in Education

This was my final paper for a class on multiculturalism in education. There are currently two conflicting developments within the field of education. On the one hand, policies such as No Child Left Behind and Common Core have demonstrated a … Continue reading

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What Kalevipoeg Means to Me

After my Kalevipoeg essay for an Estonian Culture class in an English language Baltic Studies program at the University of Tartu,  I was asked about what the story had meant to me. This was my response. As a wannabe writer, … Continue reading

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Favorite Movies For Every Year

A friend of mine did something like this online, and I thought it was an interesting idea: a selection of favorite movies for every year. The gimmick my friend did was to do it for every year you’ve been alive, … Continue reading

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Movies Watched in 2017 Part 1

  I set a challenge for myself on a message board this year to watch at least 100 movies. And as a way to encourage myself to watch older movies, I went with a sub-challenge of picking ten films per … Continue reading

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A Bad Standardized Testing Experience

This came from an essay on my educational background and philosophy. It tied into the developmental psychologist Howard Gardner’s concerns about IQ tests having a measurable impact on the students. When I was going for my education masters, I realized … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Favorite Comic Book Writers

  I spent way too much time thinking about something others might rattle off very quickly: who my favorite comic book writers are, and what it would take to displace them. This was based on a comment on a message … Continue reading

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Estonia in the Republican Presidential Debate

The good news is that Estonia came up in the Trumpless Republican presidential debate. The bad news is that it’s in the context of potential invasion by Russia. From the transcript. BAIER: I’d like to ask you a few questions … Continue reading

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Academy Award Predictions

With the Oscar nominations coming out, I’m going to make my educated guess on who is going to be happiest tomorrow. Best Picture I’m guessing all five SAG nominees get nominated in a larger group, so that would be Beasts … Continue reading

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