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George Eliot on slang

Every now and then, I come across an argument in a centuries old book that still feels fresha and relevant. From George Eliot’s Middlemarch. “Are you beginning to dislike slang, then?” said Rosamond, with mild gravity. “Only the wrong sort. … Continue reading

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5 Series Where Anything Goes

One of the things I like about Doctor Who is that the story engine basically allows the series to tell any kind of story in any setting. The basic conceit is that in every episode, an ancient time traveler and his … Continue reading

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Effects of Shared Curriculla

This was an incident I observed while shadowing a teacher (let’s call her Ms. Smith) for mandatory observation houts. In the school, there was a decree that everyone in the seventh grade read The Outsiders, even though half the students … Continue reading

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Student Notes on Dead Poets Society

These were based on some notes I took when I was doing observations in my teaching program. This was with 7th Grade classes that were watching Dead Poets Society after taking a rather exhausting statewide assessment. The observations crystallized a … Continue reading

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The Authority Who Tells You To Question All Authority: Foucault and Postmodernism

I wrote this for a class on the sociological, historical and philosophical foundations of education. Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, significant in the postmodernist movement. His writings on power and desire have been applied to education, a topic he … Continue reading

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Ten People With Surprising Oscars

I’m interested in the history of the Academy Awards, and every now and then I see some people have surprising backgrounds for Oscar winners. I’m trying to avoid the likes of F. Murray Abraham or Marlee Matlin, who are known … Continue reading

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H is for Hornbook, M is for Moses, N is for New England Primer

This was a mini-essay I wrote for one of my classes on the history of education in the United States. New England has a tradition of valuing education, sometimes for reasons that wouldn’t be as socially acceptable to hear from … Continue reading

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Homer Phobia: Should Children Read The First Great Writer?

This was a piece I wrote for a class on the philosophical foundations of education on the question of whether students should read the work of dead white males like Homer, or more contemporary material. In The Literary 100: A … Continue reading

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A Lesson Plan on Maus

I made this for a class (er, one I was in a student in, rather than one I taught.)   Preliminary Information Lesson Two of Twelve Date:  Tuesday Month/ Day 2015 Grade: Eight Number of Students: 30 Course/ Subject: English … Continue reading

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Recent Podcasts

I’ve listened to podcasts for a while, because I like taking long walks and have a low tolerance for boredom. I probably spend more time listening to people talk about issues and culture, than I do actually listening to music, … Continue reading

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