The Future of the DCEU

A question on a message board was what people would do with the DC Extended Cinematic Universe, given the weird shape of the series. It’s trucking along with new movies including The Flash, Black Adam, Aquaman 2 and other films. Ezra Miller is toxic. Henry Cavill’s involvement is uncertain and he’s pushing 40. The Matt Reeves Batman film made a lot of money, and has its own world. It kinda took Batman out of the shared universe. The Joker is getting a sequel. And then there’s chatter about new reboots.

If I were in charge, I think I’d focus on winding down the main cinematic universe. There might be a handful of new projects like a Black Adam VS Shazam film.

I’d try to go for one standalone Superman film, maybe with Henry Cavill and the cast of Man of Steel, although it could also be something different. One idea would be something with a 1930s/ 1940s Superman, as something we haven’t seen on film that would be unique from what’s been done before, and would allow a generic take on Superman later.

I wouldn’t touch the Joker/ Matt Reeves Batman series since these seem to be working fine. I might suggest a Zoey Kravitz Catwoman spinoff.

In about seven years it might be time to start a new DC Cinematic Universe.
A good structure for a Superman film might be based on the graphic novel Superman: Earth One, where Clark Kent is trying to figure out what to do with his life when he has so many options. Around the same time we might introduce new versions of Green Lantern (John Stewart) and the Flash within that world to seed the way for a Justice League film about five years later.

At this point I’d focus on the major franchises and those already confirmed, rather than more obscure series that have mentioned as potential films (Booster Gold, Metal Men, Lobo, Nightwing, Plastic Man, Static Shock, Zatanna, Supergirl) just because I’d prefer those series connected to a new DC Cinematic Universe, rather than potentially complicating one that can be tied up. There would be potential spinoffs for characters who have already been introduced (Cyborg, Black Canary.)

How it might look like…
2023- Shazam 2, The Flash, Aquaman & the Lost Kingdom, Blue Beetle (This is the current schedule)
2024- Joker 2, Gotham City Sirens, Wonder Woman 3, Cyborg
2025- The Batman 2, Black Canary, Standalone Superman project
2026- Catwoman, Aquaman 3, Shazam VS Black Adam
2027- Final Harley Quinn film, Cyborg 2
2028- The Batman 3, Logan style Black Adam film
2029- Superman relaunch
2030- Flash relaunch, Green Lantern relaunch
2031- Superman 2, Aquaman relaunch
2032- Flash 2, Wonder Woman relaunch

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