How Voting For Joe Biden Helps Republicans

Joe Biden's friendship with Republicans.

Joe Biden has consistently led in polls of the 2020 presidential election, since his entrance into the race. One reason for that is that he’s got some support among Republican voters, as well he should.

This is a rare opportunity to vote for a major-party presidential candidate who legitimately likes members of the other party. Trump doesn’t like anyone, Democrat or Republican, who is not on his side. And most of the Democrats who might run in the future don’t care about Trump in the sense that they would be doing the exact same thing if Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Mitt Romney or Nikki Haley were President.

It may also be better for the Republicans in the long-term if Biden wins. If Trump wins reelection, history suggests the next few elections will go poorly for Republicans. To see what the 2022 midterms are like, take a look at what 2006, 2010, 2014, or 2018 was for the president’s party. Someone to Biden’s left will probably win the White House in 2024, and because it’s rare for a party to get kicked out after one term (Trump seems to be accomplishing this because he’s a terrible President) the Democrat will probably win reelection in 2028. Republicans would be unlikely to take over until 2033 when Clarence Thomas will be 84, John Roberts will be 77, and Alito will be 82.

With Biden, we’ll probably have a President who won’t seek reelection, due to his age. It is easier to win an open election (full disclosure, it may also be easier for Democrats to win in 2028 with Kamala Harris running for reelection if she’s able to get elected in 2024 than it would be if it were an open seat.) We’ll either have a competent one-term President (good for the country) or a flawed one-term Democratic President (good for the Republican party.) There is no way in hell the first woman elected to national office, and the first woman of color selected as a running mate, will not be the next Democratic nominee barring a major scandal. So Republicans will get to run against a person who dropped out of the primary because she ran out of money, and who won her first race for statewide office by a single point in California.

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