Wizard’s Best Comic Book Creators Circa 2000

I’ve posted a few things from Wizard #105, where they went with a lot of rankings (characters, comic book stories, etc.) They also had a top ten creators (technically, a top 13 since it included three pairings.)

Talent 1

Talent 2

Talent 3

Talent 4

Talent 5

I wouldn’t call it definitive, although it captures the mindset of people who read a lot of superhero comics at a particular time.

Eisner’s reputation would probably be higher now, due to the emphasis on the graphic novel. Alex Ross likely wouldn’t rate so high, mainly due to limited output. He’s one of the best cover artists, but he rarely produces original work, and the rest of his material didn’t have the impact of Kingdom Come or Marvels. I kinda doubt Ditko would be surpassed by Eastman and Laird. Art Spiegelman might be the guy selected to represented the Independent comics scene in a modern list, due to his work on Maus (the most prominent autobiographical comic book) and his stint as editor of RAW magazine. Alternatively, you could go with the Hernandez brothers for Love & Rockets.

It’s interesting to consider how the list would be different now. Writers are more prolific, so they’ll have a bit of an advantage in terms of their ability to have an impact. There are strong cases to be made for 2000s Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar with all his film deals, and Marvel/ DC writer Grant Morrison.

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