Tangled Webs:What Amazing Spider-Man 2 Skipped


For the Crawlspace, I wrote a new column on how Amazing Spider-Man 2 skipped events from Amazing Spider-Man #122, possibly the best Spider-Man issue ever, and what this means for the future.

Jon Watts, director of Spider-Man: Homecoming, is going to have to deal with some of the same stuff Webb did, in addition to navigating the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and making sure that Spider-Man’s character development fits wherever Disney wants him to be for Avengers 3, to say nothing of any other sequels. Watts can still avoid some of the mistakes Webb and Raimi made. If the first film is a bit more self-contained, it provides greater flexibility when it’s time to work on the sequel. If someone wants to make a film built around a particular sequence—such as the scene from Amazing Spider-Man #33 where Spider-Man is trapped under tons of machinery—it works better if the audience isn’t also expecting the continuation of various seeded storylines, which will take screentime from the main narrative, in additon to whatever decrees higher-ups at Disney and Sony come up with. It’s possible that producers will look at Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2 and realize that their involvement was often counterproductive, although that’s not something that can be relied on.

More at the link.

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