Major Spider-Man Moments That Happened in Other Marvel Books First


For the Crawlspace, I recently wrote a piece on major events from the Spider-Man comics that happened in other Marvel titles first. This included the Aunt May and Uncle Ben who appeared in Strange Tales, the JM Dematteis Captain America villains who would reappear in Spectacular Spider-Man, a Namor VS Daredevil fight strikingly similar to “Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut” and the time Iron Man’s girlfriend got killed several years before Gwen Stacy.

It’s part of a storyline that made CBR’s list of the best Iron Man stories, as well as IGN’s Top 25. It was also referenced in IRON MAN #95-100, a story with a similar reputation. So it’s not that obscure, even if it isn’t nearly as well as known as the counterpart in Spider-Man.

The cover of the story promised that someone would die. In the previous issue, Tony Stark had allowed Eddie March, a retired boxer and friend of Happy Hogan, to take over as Iron Man. But then Tony learned from March’s doctor that the man had a medical condition that could kill him if he exerted himself. So when I first read the comic, I figured that March would be the one making the heroic sacrifice. It’s kind of like how  AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #121’s cover promised that a major character would die, and the issue began with Harry Osborn experiencing a severe drug overdose.

Instead, Iron Man’s girlfriend Janice Cord died in the crossfire of a fight between Iron Man, the Crimson Dynamo and the Titanium Man. It also had something in common with the death of Captain Stacy, which was published nine months later. A supporting character died in the hero’s arms, of injuries sustained as an innocent bystander in a superhero battle, aware of the hero’s secret identity.

There will be more at the link.


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