The Infinite Spider-Man: Fans VS Writers

Miles and Peter

There are some unresolved questions about the direction of the Spider-Man comics, and the future of the books in the aftermath of One More Day.

A discussion about the direction of the title also involves considerations of what the title is about. One such conversation is What’s more important to the series: Youth or Responsibility? This gets into a similar question “What is the conceptual engine of the series?

There is also discussion about how readers will view Peter Parker in the aftermath of changes to the status quo. Will he be seen as a womanizer, a loser, or something else? We also have arguments about what it meant for the supporting cast, with some readers claiming that it caused supporting cast members  like Mary Jane, Harry Osborn and the Black Cat to regress.

A major reason for the controversy was the way the subsequent Brand New Day era was pretty much guaranteed to be a Culture Shock, given the way a set of writers from a particular era had an outsized influence on the book.  Another important question is whether writers ever have a reason for telling a story that is guaranteed to be controversial.

What Fans Want

A major aspect of the conversation about One More Day is a good idea is whether it went against the wishes of the fans. The first question on that is the simplest: Did fans prefer the marriage? Was it wrong of Marvel to make an effort at something that many readers claim had failed before? And since fans vote with their wallets, that leads to another much debated topic: What was the effect on Spider-Man sales? And what was the significance of Renew Your Vows sales?

One More Day did seem to highlight a difference in priorities between comics and writers and fans, which led to a tangent on whether writers are neglecting payoff in favor of set-up.

Another apsect of considering what fans wanted is to look at the alternative: What would the Spider-Man comics be like without One More Day?

Fan Theories

There are also a few fan theories about the consequences of One More Day. Some readers wondered if Amazing Spider-Man was still set in the 616 Universe or if the events of OMD had created a new universe, seperate from the adventures of the real Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Another interpretation suggests that Mary Jane was pregnant during One More Day and that this changes the morality of the decision. The final question is whether Spider-Man’s soul is in danger as a result of his deal with Mephisto.

The Infinite Spider-Man is a series of mini-essays regarding Marvel’s options for the future of the best character in comics.


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