What Comedy Central Should Do With Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah's twitter

Trevor Noah’s stint as lead anchor of the Daily Show has now been scheduled for the end of September. The conversation about him briefly shifted from whether he was too obscure and inexperienced, to whether his comments on twitter have been problematic, and reflected an insensitivity unbecoming of the replacement for John Stewart. Considering the guy had 9,000 tweets, I don’t think his handful of dumb comments was a major deal, although the now mostly forgotten fuss was a reflection of the new political correctness.

He’s not the worst choice for host. The obvious replacements have their shows, and the clips I’ve seen of his are pretty funny. He’s also hosted stuff in South Africa, and seems like a good match with Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore (younger guy with international background followed by middle-aged American.)

However, I do think he would have been a better match for the 11:30 show. His main schtick is an exxagerated outsider’s perspective, which is much more Colbert than Stewart.

Comedy Central tried to replace the Colbert Report, but the ratings haven’t been that good for the Nightly Show. So, a swap seems to be in order. Larry Wilmore could get promoted to the Daily Show, where he can present a more intuitive understanding of some of the things they’re supposed to mock. That would be especially important heading into the 2016 presidential election. Noah could play the confused foreigner, perplexed by American questions, the guy who can act dumb during interviews to get interesting answers.

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