July 29 2013 Round-Up


John Seavey praises Mark Gruenwald’s Quasar.

‘Quasar’ was the series he came up with to tell those stories, and I loved both ‘Quasar’ the series and Quasar the character. I loved the series because Gruenwald looked at the Marvel Universe, the grand patchwork creation of hundreds if not thousands of hands, and saw infinite vistas to explore. Tiny little loose ends that most other fans forgot about, like the Chief Examiner in the ‘Questprobe’ video game tie-in comics, he saw as a chance to tell a story that was waiting for someone to do it justice. Forgotten characters like the Stranger or Maelstrom were interesting and compelling when seen through his eyes, and he couldn’t wait to show you why. The endless strangeness and vast complexities of the Marvel Universe, with its gods and gods-above-gods and gods-above-gods-above-gods, he used as the backdrop to tell stories that showed that universe in all its glory.

Rob Beschizza of Boing Boing links an alternative to the current New York City Subway Map. I do have to say there is something useful to the way the current map.

Warren Ellis provides inspiration to people with writers block.

God finds a place for the birds, the fishes and everything else.

Good news for a congresswoman who got some devastating news during her pregnancy.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s problems got beyond mere sex scandals.

A consensus seems to have emerged that the Weiners are not the Spitzers.

Randall Munroe did something pretty ambitious with xkcd.

There was religious opposition to the Scopes trial.

A Chinese fad destroyed Pizza Hut salad bars in the nation.

Matthew O’Brien looks at the background of Roger Ferguson, possible Fed Chairman.

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