July 19 2013 Politics Round-Up


The rise of reggae and the fall of mambo may have been due to the free market of Jamaica and communism’s choking of creativity in Cuba.

Incumbent Republican Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming is polling pretty well against primary challenger Liz Cheney, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.

Democratic congressman Steve Cohen did not father a child twenty-five years ago.  This has to be a strange source of media attention.

Regulations in the housing market have made life tougher for single people.

Today, Durning insists we can maintain the fundamental regulations that prevent shoddy construction and fire hazards while doing away with what he describes as counterproductive societal standards of housing decency. Scratch out a few lines in the building code – the parts capping occupancy, requiring minimum unit sizes, and outlawing granny flats or “accessory dwelling units” – and he figures cities can open up a vast new affordable housing market without spending a cent.

This proposal essentially asks us to trade the belief that everyone should have some minimum housing standard for a chance to make cities more affordable.

“I think society has an interest in protecting consumers from risks that consumers would have a hard time assessing for themselves, like lead in children’s toys. Or houses where the wiring was done wrong. Or sleeping spaces that don’t have a fire exit. I am all for those kinds of regulation,” Durning says. “It’s not that I don’t want people to have nice housing. It’s that the consequences of imposing middle-class norms of decency are to increase homelessness, to raise the cost of housing, especially at the bottom end of the market, but more generally for everybody, to make housing less abundant, and to accelerate sprawl. I don’t think we want any of those consequences.”

Protest against NYPD's Ray Kelly

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is considered a potential Secretary of Homeland Security. However, he faces some backlash due to criticisms of racial profiling.

With Mark Sanford’s return to Congress, Anthony Weiner’s increasingly credible bid as candidate for New York City Mayor, Eliot Spitzer’s dominance in the New York City Comptroller race and Jim McGreevey’s recent appointment in Jersey City, you may wonder if there’s anyone in politics who won’t be given a second chance. The answer: John Edwards.

The top opposition leader in Russia was arrested. Who could have ever seen that coming?

Think Progress likes Tom Perez, the new Secretary of Labor.

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