Round-Up July 12 2013

Zen Habits has suggestions for getting over a fear of discomfort.

Tom Hanks wants another Oscar nomination.

Yo Mama jokes from the world of Harry Potter.

Archie Comics settled a lawsuit with Sonic the Hedgehog writer/ artist Ken Penders. It seems a bit weird that characters like Evil Sonic and Robo-Robotnick are considered original creations.

Alyssa Rosenberg thinks it’s hypocritical that a piece about The Canyons focused more on Lindsey Lohan’s shortcomings than on Writer/ Director Paul Schrader.

That the magazine went in that direction, even though the piece, which was substantially about the megalomania of director Paul Schrader, who wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, but who hasn’t been involved in a significant film in two decades, could have been called “Here Is What Happens When You Let Paul Schrader Direct What He Thinks Is A Masterpiece,” was telling. An actress in the process of falling apart, whether because of substance abuse, mental illness, or an upbringing that left her without any social or professional skills, is always going to be riper for the picking by vultures than an older man with a certain pedigree, who is granted a protective cloak of dignity, even when he’s acting ridiculous.

There is something to be said for Schrader’s pedigree, as he was responsible for two of the best movies ever made.

George RR Martin thinks the television version of Game of Thrones failed to capture the majesty of the Iron Throne.

A Cracked piece on impressive facts about celebrities came with a typo, unless they have really low expectations about a celebrity’s SAT scores. 1200 out of 1600 just puts someone in the top quarter.


Political cartoonist Mars Bors defends my generation.

I remember enjoying this comic book.

Astro City is back, and the letter columns are online.

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