Round-Up July 09 2013 Edition


Tom Spurgeon looks at the background of Louis Glanzman, an interesting Golden Age comic artist, who went on to become a respected illustrator.

Goodreads looks at the most abandoned books. I’ve honestly been planning to read all five of the top abandoned classics at some point in the neat future for the last few years.

Steve Morris of the Beat considers the value of comic book content, and how it varies between readers.

The question of content – physical, artistic or narrative – is important. And it’s utterly subjective. Two DC comics I read recently from their ‘Trinity of Sin’ branding offered similar page counts but different reading lengths. Pandora was filled with references and details I didn’t find interesting, but Phantom Stranger referenced a lot of things I found fascinating, and spent time looking into at a later date. Objectively they’re the same price and same length, but subjectively I found one had a greater amount of content than t’other, and gave me a longer read.

Which makes the opening question of this article extremely frustrating! For all that I might complain that Batwoman offered me four wasted pages, other people will take more value from those four pages of Amy Reeder than I could take from four pages of dialogue and narrative progression. As we move more to the digital realm and projects like Kickstarter, Thrillbent or Monkeybrain change the price point of comics altogether, the question of content is becoming even more nebulous and impossible than it was before.

Michael May of CBR considers artist Declan Shaveley’s observation that many critics don’t have the vocabulary to talk about art and storytelling.

An awesome comic that was once a bad movie will be made into a TV show. I’m concerned as one of the best parts of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was how flawed and nasty some of the characters were. I suspect this version of the Invisible Man won’t have the same fate as the one in the comics.

A mashup of the Man of Steel trailer with the original Christopher Reeve Superman films is pretty cool.

There was a horrible tragedy in a small city in Quebec that I’ve visited several times.

“You Are Not So Smart” looks at confirmation bias.

Superior Spider-Man artist Ryan Stegman knows the secret to success. Unfortunately, it’s hard work.

Mexico has overtaken the US as the world’s fattest country.

A hospital made the biggest possible mistake when harvesting organs.

The table of contents for the Best American Comics 2013 has been revealed.

Peter David reprinted an old column about comics talent who deserved awards fifteen years ago.

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