Politics Round-Up Early July 2013 Edition

Perry Vertical

Josh Israel notes why liberals don’t like Rick Perry. Bernstein considered whether he’s a viable presidential contender.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, likely to be the next Governor of Texas. He overcame great adversity (paralyzed in an accident when he was 29) to fight against Obama as the state’s Attorney General. Fred Thompson helped narrate a video about all the times Abbott has fought against Obama.

Buzzfeed looks at the background of an obscure, powerful judge.

Jonathan Bernstein wonders if the media is starting to accept that Republicans are making efforts to undercut policy. This is an interesting discussion, since it’s difficult to negotiate with someone whose goal is to restrict what you can get. It’s much easier to trade favors.

Former Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist will soon have a book about how he became a Democrat.

The Democratic party establishment has united against former Eliot Spitzer’s bid to become New York City comptroller. Reiham Salam of the National Review noted Spitzer’s potential strength in the office.

Ramesh Ponoro of the same magazine penned a cover story critical of Spitzer in June 2004, back when he was New York’s Attorney General.

Someone made a really dumb app based on the George Zimmerman trial.

A Rand Paul staffer is way too sympathetic to the bad guys in the United States civil war.

Media critic Jay Rosen has decided to stop picking on CNN, because it’s getting increasingly pointless.

There are some serious problems in the implementation of Obamacare.

Tom Spurgeon is bothered by an anti-abortion political cartoon.




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