Recommended June 16 2013 Edition


On Meet the Press, Former CIA Director Michael Hayden suggested that a better informed public requires a decline in operational awareness. The NSA scandal may be a white people problem.

Donald Trump got tough on China on twitter. A Modern Family producer noted the hypocrisy of Trump’s bombast when material he’s responsible for is made in China. Hilarity ensued.

I would argue that Howard Dean is a potential Democratic presidential contender, able to make the arguments Gingrich did in the 2012 cycle about how he helped rejuventate the party, without the ethics complaints. But his hair is awful.

One thing that could be interesting in the 2016 presidential nomination is the friendship between potential Republican candidates Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. Meanwhile, Chris Christie is buddies with Bill Clinton.

The New York Civil Liberties Union defends the right to be snarky when you’re given tickets.

Rick Santorum said something smart about the weaknesses of the Republican party, suggesting a need to appeal to ordinary voters, rather than just captains of industry.

Bill Maher had some funny things to say about octogenarian congressmen. He’s not a fan.

There are rumors that Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch’s estranged wife, had an affair with Tony Blair. The initial denial was hilariously weak.

John August discusses Nikki Finke, and the success of Deadline Hollywood and the strange lady who runs it.

Craig: And unlike a daily newspaper, which is substantial, daily Variety was usually 10 or 12 glossy pages, a bunch of which was ads. A bunch of which was crap. It was basically three or four articles and photos. And it was yesterday’s news.

John: Yeah. So, here’s where I think you’re leading here is that she saw that, and I think Nate Silver did, too, that the blog was really the best way to get these things out. Because rather than sort of having all the news to be delivered at once, it’s as stories came in they would be the top story and it push the rest of the stories down.

Craig: Right.

John: And she saw that before other people saw that. And that was a disruptive…

Craig: It was hugely disruptive.

John: …business model.

Craig: She also saw that Variety and Hollywood Reporter were addicted to the absurd free ride they had been getting essentially, that because of the nature of our business, they had managed to extort an unfair price for the actual value of their information. She comes along and says, “Here are these guys that by dint of their monopoly have been charging you hundreds of dollars a year for this stuff. I’m going to charge you nothing for it. And you’re going to get it faster.”

John: Yup.

Craig: And, oh my god, overnight. And listen, you want to ask how could Nikki Finke have been stopped? Easy, all Variety and Hollywood Reporter had to do would be to dump their old model, which they can barely still manage to do today, and just go to that model. But they couldn’t do it because they were addicted to the money.

Graeme McMillan of Newsarama is glad that the X-Men comics will have constant changes so soon after the conclusion of AVX.

People look really weird when their faces are deformed by rubber bands.

This world record doesn’t seem that impressive.

Linda Holmes thinks there’s a serious dearth of women in lead roles in films right now.

According to Fandango and some back-of-the-envelope math, excluding documentaries and animation, there are 617 movie showings today — that’s just today, Friday — within 10 miles of my house.

Of those 617 showings, 561 of them — 90 percent — are stories about men or groups of men, where women play supporting roles or fill out ensembles primarily focused on men. The movies making up those 561 showings: Man Of Steel (143), This Is The End (77), The Internship (52),The Purge (49), After Earth (29), Now You See Me (56), Fast & Furious 6 (44), The Hangover Part III (16), Star Trek Into Darkness (34), The Great Gatsby (16), Iron Man 3 (18), Mud (9),The Company You Keep (4), Kings Of Summer (9), and 42 (5).

Thirty-one are showings of movies about balanced pairings or ensembles of men and women:Before Midnight (26), Shadow Dancer (4), and Wish You Were Here (1).

Twenty-five are showings of movies about women or girls: The East (8), Fill The Void (4),Frances Ha (9), and What Maisie Knew (4).

Of the seven movies about women or balanced groups, only one — the Israeli film Fill The Void— is directed by a woman, Rama Burshtein. That’s also the only one that isn’t about a well-off white American. (Well, Celine in Before Midnight is well-off, white and French, but she’s been living in the U.S.)

There are nearly six times as many showings of Man Of Steel alone as there are of all the films about women put together.

Patton Oswalt had an epic piece about hecklers, rape jokes and comedy thieves.

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