Recommended June 13 2013

Avengers Endless Wartime

Apparently, Warner Brothers is planning to take it slow with the inevitable Justice League film, hoping for a Man of Steel sequel and the introductions to Wonder Woman and Aquaman first. This is probably the right tack to take.

Hillary Clinton looks ready to remind voters of just what it would represent to have a woman elected President during the 2016 campaign.

Brandon Routh looked back at his experiences on Superman Returns. It was a good movie, and it’s overrated as a flop (it made more money than Batman Begins) but the film did not end with the character in the right place for a sequel.

The New York City council is interested in instant-runoff voting.

The Times notes that Anthony Weiner may not have been a good Congressman. During elections, it bothers me that there isn’t more of this type of coverage: explorations of how a candidate has fared in earlier offices. To be fair to Weiner, he was pretty good at constituent services.

Andrew Sullivan considered Sam Harris’s comments about Islamic violence.

A kickstarter campaign raises interesting bioethics questions.

Travis Waldon of thinkprogress compares Jason Collins and Tim Tebow, two athletes who may be considered distractions.

I had heard that sales of Orwell’s 1984 had gone up thanks to the NSA revelations. I didn’t know it went up 7000%.

Tom Sicolo praises Jim Starlin’s obscure Superman work. Tom Spurgeon praised the not so obscure “For the Man Who Has Everything.”

Jeremy Scahill of the Nation does not have kind things to say about MSNBC.

Alan Moore writes about tijuana bibles and other disreputable practices of the comics industry.

Warren Ellis and Tom Brevoort spoke about his upcoming Avengers graphic novel.

Alonso says he knows there are a lot of readers interested in the original graphic novel format, and also writers who enjoy the format more than serialized stories.

“It’s something that I have been nagging various people at Marvel about for what probably seems to them a really long time,” Ellis says of Marvel doing OGNs. “We’re talking about a thick book, we’re talking about a proper original graphic novel as we conceive them today. That was something I was interested in being a part of.”

“You can’t make it up as you go along,” Ellis says of the difference in writing for the OGN format. “You’ve got to know all of your beats, and how it wraps before you even start. There is a hard page count that I can’t go over. It’s not like an ongoing book where you can say, ‘I’ll leave that scene for the next issue.’ There’s no faking it. You get it right or you don’t, there’s no middle distance.”



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