Stuff I Like Part 2

This video of a tornado survivor discovering what happened to her dog has been making the rounds. It’s fantastic.

The Bleeding Cool fan award nominations are useful as I reminder to check out certain comic books. I’m way behind on The Walking Dead, and have been meaning to read Hawkeye and Fatale. And I’m reminded that Revival is worth checking out. I can’t tell you what Si Spurrier has written, so it’s always good to learn of a blind spot in my knowledge of the comics industry.

Cracked had two columns I liked, both of which were insightful, although not particularly funny. 4 Things We Should Remember When Arguing About Politics is a nonpartisan analysis of the problems with contentious policy discussions. #4 is something that people should really keep in mind.

Fortunately, there are intelligent, thoughtful, diligent people out there who have researched the issue thoroughly and have come down both against the soda ban (it won’t workit infringes on our civil liberties) and in favor of it (visual cues regarding portion size have a huge influence on our behavior, and the threat of obesity is serious enough that we ought to be coaxed into better consumption habits).

What appeared at first glance to be a simple, cut-and-dried issue turns out to be complicated and multi-sided and holy shit just shut up about the soda already. How are you supposed to wade through all this information to come up with a valid opinion? And how can you be expected to fully research every issue affecting the world? For every article written by a bright guy with a fancy degree that says “Voting a Democrat into the White House will destroy the nation,” there’s another one written by an equally bright guy with an equally fancy degree that says the same about Republicans. Everyone thinks they’re right, and they’ve all published papers; how are you supposed to figure out how you feel about a thing?

6 Reasons Good Bands Start to Suck also has some lessons that can be applied to serial drama (be it television or comic books) as well as anyone who has become a name in a creative arena. Things get stale after a while, and there’s a reason for that.

Plus, I do like this poster.



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