If I Wrote Spider-Man 3


I liked the first Spider-Man film, but I left the theater thinking about how I would have done it differently. When Spider-Man 2 came out, I left the theater thinking about what could be done with Spider-Man 3. There were some rumors at the time that Fox was planning to make two X-Men films back to back, which I thought was a great way to save costs (it’s more expensive than producing one film, but should be cheaper than producing two) while also presenting a more ambitious conclusion to the saga. It also fit the story I thought would work best.

Early in the film, Peter would explain the events of the first two movies to Mary Jane. She senses that he’s trying to hide something, and he reveals that Norman Osborn was the Green Goblin, and that Harry now knows who he is. Mary Jane wants Peter to resolve his disputes with Harry. Unfortunately, Peter learns that Harry had abruptly moved away. Meanwhile, a mystery man dons the Hobgoblin suit.

Weeks pass. There are rumors that Harry is in rehab of some sort. Jonah asks Peter if he knows anything about that, or better yet if he can get photos of it. Jonah reminds Peter that he is still peeved that his son’s fiancee was left at the altar by Peter’s current girlfriend. While investigating Harry’s disappearance, Spider-Man is attacked by the Hobgoblin. Spider-Man thinks that the Hobgoblin is Harry, but Hobby denies everything. Hobgoblin realizes that he is outmatched, and escapes while Spider-Man is forced to rescue civilians.

John Jameson goes to space, as part of a secret mission to investigate an unexplained machine orbiting Earth’s surface. It appears to be a long-abandoned space station. While on board, John finds a mysterious armor.

In Manhattan, there are reports of a lady bandit. MJ jokes about how Peter should make sure to avoid her. The Black Cat then steals a valuable painting from J. Jonah Jameson, inspiring Jonah to offer a $20,000 reward for her capture. Spider-Man goes to the Daily Bugle to inform Jonah that he’ll be getting that reward himself. MJ’s suddenly worried about how this may all end up.

Peter bumps into Flash Thompson, who reveals he has a job at Oscorp, after getting expelled from college, due to an unspecified scandal. Flash informs Peter that Harry’s back in town. Peter goes to visit him. Harry explains that he’s been away in therapy, and seems to have forgotten that Peter Parker was Spider-Man, blaming an addiction for lapses in his memory. Flash and Peter are ushered away by Harry’s new bodyguard: Jason Macendale Jr.

Industrialist Roderick Kinglsey starts buying much of Oscorp. Bugle reporter Ned Leeds (who just got engaged to Betty Brant) and photographer Eddie Brock decide to reopen their investigation of the Green Goblin’s secret identity, to determine what the links are between him and the Hobgoblin. Eddie is on thin ice, since a valuable keycard he lost had been used by the Black Cat to rob Jameson.

NASA unveils the alien armor at a press conference, where John Jameson meets Peter Parker. The Hobgoblin attacks intending to steal the armor. Peter becomes Spider-Man to fight him, and is hurled into the alien armor, which suddenly fuses with him to form the Black Costume.

With the new costume, Spider-Man’s stronger and faster than before. He used this against the Hobgoblin, who is forced to escape again, and only able to so by taking advantage of the costume’s aversion to loud noises. When he hears police sirens, and wishes he doesn’t have to switch costumes, the Alien Costume changes into Peter’s clothes.

Peter doesn’t realize that the costume seems to be affecting his mood. Mary Jane asks him about the Black Cat, and he screams at her.  Eddie Brock investigates Peter’s connection to the Green Goblin, as Peter’s aunt and girlfriend were the Green Goblin’s victims, and Peter’s room-mate’s father died around the time the Green Goblin disappeared. He confronts Peter, interrupting his fight with MJ. Peter’s a jerk to Brock, too. To blow off some steam, Spider-Man breaks into Osborn mansion to have a word with Harry. Harry seems to be doped out of his mind.

Curt Connors has received grant money for an experimental process he has to regenerate lost limbs. Roderick Kingsley, a business rival of Osborn’s has saved the company from bankruptcy purchasing a few of Osborn’s buildings. Norman Osborn’s body has gone missing. Peter discovers that Jason Macendale was dishonorably discharged from the military on corruption charges.

Spider-Man stops muggers with the Alien Costume, gives directions to a lost couple, and encounters the Black Cat. She reveals that she considers him to be an inspiration, and that she robbed Jonah to punish him for previous anti-Spider-Man headlines. In the middle of the fight, he begins kissing her. The Hobgoblin then attacks, saying that he’s been spying on the Black Cat, and knew that Spider-Man would try to find her. The Black Cat is injured in the battle, and Spider-Man is unable to find the Hobgoblin.

Spider-Man ponders visiting Curt Connors in an effort to understand just what the Alien Costume is. He decides that Curt has enough problems, and shouldn’t be tied to Spider-Man.

Ned Leeds and Eddie Brock find a secret lair of the Hobgoblin’s. Ned is killed by a booby trap, while Eddie discovers evidence regarding the Hobgoblin’s identity.

Flash Thompson is arrested as the Hobgoblin. The story is that he had found a lair of the Green Goblin’s, and modified the weapons for himself. Peter decides that no one in the world is less likely to be a criminal mastermind.

An angry Spider-Man attacks Harry Osborn trying to get to the bottom of things. He smacks Harry, until Harry remembers everything. Harry reveals that he told his therapist Bart Hamilton everything about Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. He realizes that Bart Hamilton has been toying with his mind. After finishing his soliloquy/ explanation, Harry discovers that Spider-Man is long gone.

Spider-Man violently attacks Bart Hamilton. He then realizes that the Alien Costume is controlling his mind, and goes to get rid of it. He decides that a bell tower is the best place to do so, due to the symbiote’s aversion to sound. It’s a struggle, but the costume removes itself from him.


Bart Hamilton meets with a mysterious partner, revealing that Spider-Man knows everything. The partner slashes Bart’s throat with a razor bat.

Peter sets out to fix previous mistakes. He discovers that Bart Hamilton was murdered. The Black Cat escapes the hospital. Harry tries the Green Goblin armor for himself.

Spider-Man does some detective work, and concludes that Roderick Kingsley is the Hobgoblin, buying Oscorp holdings in order to access the Green Goblin’s weapons. He deduces that Harry had a breakdown after realizing that Peter Parker was Spider-Man, and visited psychiatrist Bart Hamilton. Hamilton sold the information about Norman Osborn being the Green Goblin to Roderick Kingsley, a client who he recognized was quite power-mad. They made sure to keep Harry under their control through drugs and the watchful eye of Jason Macendale, a man in Kingsley’s employ.

He investigates Kingsley, and is attacked by the Hobgoblin. He defeats the Hobgoblin, and unmasks him as Kingsley.

The Green Goblin attacks Spider-Man. Spider-Man is tired and outmatched. This would be when Mary Jane arrives to find Spidey beaten, and Harry victorious. The Green Goblin decides that he’s going to kill Spider-Man, but not just yet. He flies away happily.

Peter apologizes to MJ for his actions, and wonders if things can get any worse. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock goes to a church to beg forgiveness for his impending suicide, when the symbiote attacks, and they fuse into one being that really hates Spider-Man.

Anyway, that’s what I would have done with Spider-Man 3. Although there would have been at least one more film in the saga.

About Thomas Mets

I’m a comic book fan, wannabe writer, politics buff and New Yorker. I don’t actually follow baseball. In the Estonian language, “Mets” simply means forest, or lousy sports team. You can email me at mistermets@gmail.com
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4 Responses to If I Wrote Spider-Man 3

  1. Mr.V says:

    After reading it it feels like a short mini series rather than a movie. By involving too many characters and plot points it really doesn’t seem like a viewer would be satisfied after 2-3 hours of watching it. The Hobgoblin alone requires a lot of time for the audience to get invested, but then by including the Black Cat, Black suit and the Bart Hamilton stuff would take away from him as he wouldn’t seem like the major plot point.

  2. Derp says:

    What Mr. V said. Too many players in this movie and with a two hour movie there isn’t enough time to develop all these characters and plot threads.

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