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Three-Act Structure: The Feedback Loop

One critique of three-act structure is that the idea is self-perpetuating. Because there’s an industry of books about the subject, aspiring writers are likely to format their work in this particular way, even if it isn’t otherwise advantageous. George Lucas … Continue reading

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The Upcoming Obama-Romney debates

In a cover story for The Atlantic, James Fallows looked forward to the Romney-Obama debates.┬áHe noted the President’s disadvantages. As a campaigner and orator, Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan. But the great danger for Obama is a set of … Continue reading

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Three Act Structure: Estonian Semantics

I gave my report on three-act structure to an Estonian crowd, and gave a lot of thought about which Estonian word to use for act. The easiest is “osa” which translates literally to “part.” Although this has numerous problems, in … Continue reading

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