Will Spider-Man be in Avengers 2?

I don’t know if they’ll succeed, but I’m sure that Sony and Disney will try to come together for something that’s a clear a win-win for both movie studios: Having Spider-Man join the Avengers in The Avengers 2. It’s a long-shot, but it’s likelier now than it was at the beginning of the year.

Both movies are hits, so it’s probable that these series will continue for years to come. Therefore the status quo of the film production is unlikely to change. The films were also well-received, so it’s not as if cross-promotion would hurt one of the brands.

It was revealed last month that Marvel Studios and Sony were in discussions to allow some overlap between the films. The plan was to have a building from The Amazing Spider-Man in the background of The Avengers. It was scrapped due to timing. The eternal optimist in me hopes that it was some sort of trial balloon, an acknowledgement of the possibility of a more elaborate crossover.

Both sides would benefit. When Avengers 2 comes out, Marvel is going to be under a lot of pressure to live up to the hype of the original. One way to do that would be to include Marvel’s most popular superhero in the line-up. Sony would also get to hitch Spider-Man’s wagon to the biggest superhero franchise in film.

It makes sense from a narrative perspective. Joss Whedon has confirmed that his favorite Avengers story was their battle with Thanos at the conclusion of Jim Starlin’s Warlock saga. His love of the story is the reason he chose to include Thanos at the end of The Avengers, so it seems as if it’s meant to serve as the basis for Avengers 2.

The second part of that story featured Spider-Man, so he should be a natural fit for the film adaptation. Spidey’s story in the annual would be a good arc for him in an Avengers film, as the wall-crawler realized that he was hopelessly out of his element, forced to rescue the world’s premiere superhero team from a cosmic monster with the power of a god. An additional asset is that it also provides a way to introduce the Alien Costume, in a way that allows Sony to handle the saga differently than it was done in Spider-Man 3.

Even if Marvel Studios and Sony were interested in coming to an understanding, it’s possible that the deal would fall through. But I hope they try. It would be really cool if Iron Man 3‘s after-credits scene has Nick Fury and Tony Stark decide to keep an eye on Spidey. And it would be just as great if Amazing Spider-Man 2 ends with Nick Fury asking Peter Parker to deliver a message to Spider-Man.

About Thomas Mets

I’m a comic book fan, wannabe writer, politics buff and New Yorker. I don’t actually follow baseball. In the Estonian language, “Mets” simply means forest, or lousy sports team. You can email me at mistermets@gmail.com
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2 Responses to Will Spider-Man be in Avengers 2?

  1. profexxion says:

    You’re absolutely right on the Spidey – Thanos thing. That’d be a perfect fit and I would love to see Spidey cross over into the Avengers. On another note, I’d love for Black Panther to be featured in one of the films preceding Avengers 2 if he doesn’t get his own feature film. I think he is an untapped opportunity.

  2. donivan hill says:

    i think it would be very!!!!!!! HARDCORE if the amazing spider-man was in AVENGERS 2

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