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The Education of Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s been Governor of the nation’s second most populated state for more than a decade. He was a social conservative with an Anti-Washington message. But upon entering the Republican Presidential primary, he went from front-runner to a fifth-place finish … Continue reading

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Mark Millar’s formula for successful comic books

On his message board, Mark Millar gave a formula for hit comics. It’s a variation of something I had heard in a seminar, although there’s a key difference. Millar suggests that a comic book that does well in the direct … Continue reading

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A Last Minute Not-Romney

With Mitt Romney on the verge of wrapping up the nomination in South Carolina, pundits are writing pieces about his various flaws as a candidate. But he’s better than the other choices. Rick Perry lacks the wisdom, Rick Santorum’s too … Continue reading

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Factchecking in a Post-Truth World

Paul Krugman wrote an op-ed piece about how we’re in a post-truth society, essentially because Republicans are able to say nasty things without officially called out for it by the media. So here’s my forecast for next year: If Mr. … Continue reading

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My Brother Thinks I was in a Simpsons Focus Group

My brother joked that the most recent episodes of the Simpsons seem like they’ve been aimed at me. First, Lisa Simpson had Writers Block and teamed up with Neil Gaiman. Then there was a Christmas episode set in the future. … Continue reading

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Marvel VS DC Part 2: Self-Contained Stories VS the Shared Universe(s)

The source of the most acclaimed stories is another major difference between the latest subsidiary of the House of Mouse and its Distinguished Competition. The majority of the best DC comics are self-contained, often separate from the main continuity. Examples … Continue reading

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The Political Future of John Huntsman

A few weeks ago, I pondered the political future of Sarah Palin. Now it’s time for John Huntsman, who finished third in yesterday’s New Hampshire primary despite devoting all of his resources to the state. It’s safe to say that … Continue reading

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Marvel VS DC Part 1: Stan Lee VS the Patchwork Universe

Next month, I intend to rank all 52 of the New DCU titles based on the first five issues. I’m more of a Marvel Zombie, but an inevitable consequence of prepping for that series is that I’ve been reading and … Continue reading

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The Sherlock Holmes Guy’s Biggest Accomplishment

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is best known for Sherlock Holmes. That was always a sore spot for the physician writer, as he considered his various historical novels to be more “important” than his contributions to the mystery genre. Aside from … Continue reading

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Politics and the One Percent

This graphic, courtesy of William Domhoff, Sociology Department, UC-Santa Cruz, was voted as the chart of the year vote at the Daily Dish. Domhof’s chart has been circulating around the internet, where the consensus seems to be that it’s a problem … Continue reading

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