This Should Be Reprinted #2: Marcos Martin’s Spider-Man

Technically, Marcos Martin’s work on Spider-Man has been reprinted in numerous Post-Brand New Day chronological collections. But I’d like to see it it all in one giant oversized hardcover, or possibly two smaller volumes. I could understand if it’s decided that would make more sense as a way to collect 12 issues worth of material: the three part introduction of Paper Doll from Amazing Spider-Man #559-561, the two-parter Unscheduled Stop from Amazing Spider-Man #578-579, the psychiatrist back-up story with Stan Lee from Amazing Spider-Man #600, the Mysterio three-parter from Amazing Spider-Man #618-620, the Spider-Man Sundays serial with Stan Lee, and the excellent “No One Dies” from Amazing Spider-Man #655-656.

Martin’s been fantastic on Daredevil, which has appeared on multiple “Best of” lists for 2011. But on that title, he shared art duties with Javier Pulido, who has a rather similar style. They were so well-matched that Pulido drew half an issue of the Mysterio storyline, to ensure that the story would come out on time.

Marcos Martin isn’t as well-matched with the other artists he shares space with in the various Brand New Day and Big Time era collections. I have nothing against Mike McKone, Barry Kitson or Stefano Casselli, but they generally have a different approach. Martin is probably closest to Steve Ditko, with a European sensibility on storytelling.

Because his style is so unique and so acclaimed, I think it’s about damn time the best new Spider-Man artist of the last decade has his own collection.


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One Response to This Should Be Reprinted #2: Marcos Martin’s Spider-Man

  1. Noah says:

    Amen to this post! I only buy Marcos Martin issues myself and would love a compendium of his spiderman work. Maybe with a full issue of his original inked boards and interviews with him, Waid and his color artist.

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